School Activities

Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog, I hope everyone had a great holiday. My next post will be about school activities. At my school we have a lot of school activities that we can do like: Debating, Choir, Dance Club and Building the Chapel. I am in Choir, Debating and dance Club.

What school activities do you do at your school?

What Activities does your school have?


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25 Things About Me:

1.My name is Isabella

2.I have 2 brothers and 1 sister

3. I am the youngest of four kids

4.I love to watch movies

5. I am 11 years old

6. My birthday is on the 29th of September 2002

7.I love Channing Tatum

8. I have brown hair and hazel eyes

9.I am very tall for my age

10.My background is Lebanese

11.I go piano, guitar and gymnastics

12.I love to play all sports

13.My favorite colour is blue and purple

14.I love to read books (I am reading Tom Gates right now)

15.My favourite food is Pizza

16.My sister is 24 and her name is Maryanne

17. My brother is 21 and his name is Johnathon

18.My other brother is 18 and his name is Billy

19.My name on Moshi Monsters is Sep29

20.I love One Direction

21.My favourite song is Summer Sadness

22.My favourite show is Big Time Rush

23.I love going to musicals

24.I like a challenge

25.Everyday I ride my bike

 Now you Know 25 things about me but please comment and write ten facts about you.


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Favourite Movies

 Hi and welcome to my blog I hope everyone enjoys reading all the posts and comments.My favourite movies include is Pitch Perfect, Rush Hour and Shes The Man. I like these movies because they include comedy and romance.


So What is Your Favorite Movie?

Please vote on the poll below

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Hi and welcome to my new blog. My first post will be about your favourite types of sports. In 5 White sport is very popular we love all sports. My favourite sports are  Soccer, Basketball, N.R.L and Baseball but I want to know what your favourite sports is.

Football Stock Image / arztsamui

What is your favourite sport?


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